Pools&WaterScapes Services

Pools and water features can add a stunning visual element to any outdoor space, creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. At Tech Bio Natura, we offer expert installation and services for pools, water fountains, and water features that can help you achieve your vision for your outdoor space.
Our experienced team of landscapers will work with you to design a customized pool or water feature that complements your existing landscaping and fits your specific needs. We begin by evaluating your outdoor space and discussing your goals for the project, taking into account your budget, lifestyle, and desired aesthetic.

  Pools : 

Importance of Pools:

Provides a great source of exercise and physical activity.

Increases the value of a home and can enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces.

Creates an outdoor space for family and friends to gather and socialize.

Types of Pools We Design and Install:

In-ground Pools: These are the most popular type of pool, designed to be built into the ground and can be customized to any shape or size.

 Above-ground Pools: These pools are cheaper and easier to install, but may not be as aesthetically pleasing as in-ground pools.

 Natural Pools: These pools are designed to resemble a natural swimming hole, complete with rocks, plants, and a natural filtration system.

 Infinity Pools: Also known as a vanishing edge pool, this design creates the illusion of the pool blending seamlessly into the horizon.

Water Scapes:

Importance of Water Scape Landscaping:


Enhances the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces and can add value to a home.


Provides a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, promoting stress relief and mental 



Can attract wildlife, including birds and butterflies, creating a natural oasis in your 



Provides a source of recreation, such as fishing and kayaking

Types of Water Scape Landscaping:


Fountains: These features are designed to create a relaxing and tranquil 

atmosphere and can range from simple spouts to intricate water displays.


Waterfalls: Waterfalls can be designed to look natural or man-made and can be 

incorporated into pools or standalone features.


Ponds: Ponds are often used to create a relaxing and natural atmosphere and can 

be home to aquatic plants and fish.


Streams: Streams can be designed to mimic natural waterways, complete with 

rocks, plants, and a natural flow.

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